Coalition Involvement Agreement

The Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition envisions a happy, safe, and thriving community free from substance abuse. To achieve this goal, we must unite people with vision, commitment, and resources to provide solutions to eliminate substance abuse and make a difference in the lives of youth, families, and individuals in Sumner County. By completing this Coalition Involvement Agreement, the representative of the partnering agency and of the community sector affirms their commitment to support the Coalition and contribute to creating a drug-free community. You may also download and complete a physical copy of this agreement by clicking here.  

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This agreement between the Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition and the Coalition Member and Partner Organization listed above shall be from January 1, 2016 until terminated by mutual agreement: As a vehicle for change, the Sumner County Anti-Drug Coalition shall be responsible to: a. Maintain organizational policies and practices for managing and directing coalition staff, volunteers, and programming; b. Provide ongoing opportunities for community members from all sectors to contribute to creating a more safe, healthy, and drug-free community; c. Create and follow a strategic plan with measurable goals and objectives for the coalition which are compliant with the mandates of its funding sources; d. Develop, implement, and evaluate evidence-based prevention strategies with the guidance and assistance of community partners and the coalition membership; e. Adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice and respect the right of the Coalition Membership to their own opinions and beliefs; f. Recognize and celebrate the meaningful contributions of its coalition membership. As a community leader within their designated sector, the Coalition Member and Partner Organization shall be responsible to: a. Attend monthly coalition meetings and maintain active involvement in one or more Coalition Action Teams; b. Assist with the ongoing refinement of the coalition vision, mission, objectives, goals, and logic models, and strategic plans to understand and address substance abuse in Sumner County; c. Ensure clear communication between the coalition member’s organization and the coalition; d. Contribute to the implementation of multiple strategies across varying sectors to work towards creating population-level change as evidenced by the four core measures; e. Participate in sustaining the coalition’s vitality, involvement, and energy in the community; f. Support the overarching principals of cultural competence and ensure its incorporation into the coalition’s comprehensive approach.