Reporting Options 

Report Unsafe Prescribing Practices

The link above will connect you with a simple form available on the Tennessee Department of Health's website when you may file a complaint directly a healthcare provider's governing board in the event that you feel they are practicing irresponsibly. This may include excessive prescribing of pain medications or other unprofessional or unsafe medical practices related to prescription drugs. 

For assistance with this form, contact our office at 615-461-8243 or email

Report Underage Alcohol or Tobacco Sales

Use the form below to report a liquor or tobacco shop, restaurant, bar, or other retail outlet such as convenience store or supermarket that you believe has sold alcohol or tobacco products to someone under the legal age of purchase in the past 30 days. This may be done anonymously and will trigger a compliance investigation by local law enforcement. 

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Informant Name (optional)
Please provide a description of any witnessed events or experiences that prompted this report.