Commit to a Smoke-Free Home

Protect yourself and your family from the dangers of secondhand smoke by committing to be a smoke-free home!  Download our Smoke-Free Home Kit for a family pledge, smoke-free home certificate, and tips for talking to you kids about tobacco use.

Tobacco-Free Youth 

At Home
We encourage parents and families to Quit Like a Champion! Take our online pledge and receive a smoke-free resource kit and family guidebook.

In School
Students in charged with possession of tobacco products at school may have the option of attending a Coalition-supported cessation program in partnership with the Juvenile Court. 

For Life
Understanding the harmful effects of tobacco is can prevent use throughout a lifetime. We work closely with Sumner County Schools and the Sumner County Health Department to reduce tobacco use by 14 to 17 year olds through education including support for the TAATU (Teens Against Alcohol & Tobacco Use) program and T4 (Tennessee Teens Talk Tobacco). 

In the Community
As more and more establishments and institutions make their entire property smoke-free, we seek to support their efforts to improve the health of everyone! The Coalition can provide signage, model policies, and even perform environmental scans to the best way to optimize an establishment or campus to go fully smokeless!